Recycling Heroes Around the World

Recycling Heroes like you are reducing waste and figuring out the best way to dispose of the small amount of waste that we produce in our daily lives. 

Recycling Heroes make recycling happen.
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RecyclingHero reveals true stories of ordinary people like you who make recycling happen in their communities around the world.

@MikeLRecycle is the recycling champion for East Cambridgeshire District Council

Michael Recycle Is the recycling champion for East Cambridgeshire District Council East Cambridgeshire District Council

Mayor Hayes thanks all participants in the RECYCLING SUPER HERO/ LITTER VILLAIN” POSTER CONTEST for maintaining Bridgewater Township's sustainability!

Zeinab Mokalled & Khadija Farhat inspire people to recycle in Lebanon

Schoolchildren have been invited to unleash their imagination and creativity to design a recycling champion for East Cambridgeshire.

Youngsters to bring East Cambridgeshire’s recycling hero Michael to life through competition.


Article: Rick Schullman from New York City is a Recycling Hero!

Students at Cafeteria Culture produce terrific videos!

Recycling hero Burt the Binman could win a place on the school curriculum teaching young children the best ways of dealing with rubbish.

Burt the Binman

Ed Battcock inspires students more than 800 kilometers away to start a recycling fundraiser to help children in developing countries.

Auntie Litter celebrates 25 years of environmental education



Valdosta Georgia: High School students Bobby and Raquel Goddard kicked off a new recycling program.
Their intent is to raise awareness among their peers about the need for recycling their plastic water and Gatorade bottles.

Libby High School senior Sarah McBride was selected by Lincoln County Environmental Health as a Lincoln County Environmental Hero for her work to promote recycling efforts at Libby Middle/High School.

Vic and Sticks: Everyone Can Be a Recycling Hero performed a free show at the Framingham Library. (Video)


Recycling Hero / Heroe del reciclaje by Sebastián Caballero

Crowdfunding campaign to make a film of Burt the Binman falls short But Fleur Bateman has been offered potential backing by a major recycling company and will re-launch the campaign later.(more)

Rubbish Town Hero (fiction)

Frau Meier und Mr. Green

20 million Recycling Heroes around the world.


Recycling Hero Minis Flash Mob - 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division

Recycling Initiative - RECYCLE HERO!! from UMBC commonvision on Vimeo.

Of course, the mainstay of recycling is having a day in, day out commitment to doing it – as Alex does. He makes a valued contribution to his household at Grange Village by ensuring that everything that can be recycled finds its way to the right place.

“We bury 1.2 million tons of food waste in landfills every year at a cost of nearly $80 per ton,” he said . “That waste can be used as fertilizer or converted to energy at a much lower price. That’s good for the environment and for taxpayers.” "Food waste and other organic materials account for almost a third of all residential trash, and the city could save about $100 million a year by diverting it from landfills"

Photographers Blog A recycling hero

By Paulo Whitaker
March 21, 2013

Eco-friendly Finn gets his birthday recycling wish

SOME children want to be astronauts or racing car drivers when they grow up, but Finn Greenhouse has a different dream – to be a recycling hero.