Future Waste Concepts

‘green loop’ by present architecture, new york city, new york, united states
image © present architecture

large cities produce large amounts of trash and create a lot more to transport it to far away landfills. looking at new york city as the site of study, local practice present architecture posits the ‘green loop’ as a solution to large scale waste management. intended to be used as a network along the city’s waterfront, the green loop is a floating energy production oasis with a street-level composting facility, elevated park, and barges and railways to efficiently transport the compost to other locations. trash is then transported only a short distance to the borough’s green loop which offers more public space as it responsibly processes waste, tackling two pertinent urban issues simultaneously. the master plan proposes the construction of 10 hubs around the 520 miles of coast in the city effectively alleviating congestion issues and dramatically lowers unnecessary energy waste while contributing 125 acres of public park land.